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Gigabit Firewall / VPN Appliance | Details


The GB-2500 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance's gigabit performance is vital for handling today's increased workloads, mobile workforces and dependence on the Internet. The GB-2500 is a powerful system designed for organizations with extensive network demands. Featuring two USB ports and six 10/100/1000 Ethernet NICs, the GB-2500 provides organizations with the flexibility to design the firewall around network needs and to smoothly support port aggregation and system failover. As businesses grow and network requirements change, so can the GB-2500. The GB-2500's flexible hardware architecture provides for easy expandability. Organizations can choose expansion modules to match network infrastructure needs.

Total Solution

GTA firewalls combine both standard and advanced features into one easy-to-use appliance. Whether you choose plug-and-play for basic perimeter security or more advanced options like Gateway Failover and IP Aliasing, you'll experience the ease of use of GTA's proprietary secure operating system.

Enhance the GB-2500 with optional features to provide total perimeter security. Optional features such as additional Mobile IPSec Client, PPTP, L2TP and SSL Client licenses, Mail Proxy Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus subscriptions or GTA's Web Content Filtering service are easy to add with a simple activation code. There is no additional hardware or software installation required.


Simple Implementation for Even Complex Environments - The GB-2500 Firewall is powered by GB-OS. The GB-2500's fully-integrated features are configured and monitored through the GB-OS graphical user interface. With a clean, sleek presentation of information, the GB-OS graphical user interface provides an intuitive basis for monitoring and configuring any GTA firewall. The multi-layered configuration screen easily toggles between basic and advanced configuration options, reducing the complexity of maintaining firewall security while continuing to provide a wide array of powerful, customizable configuration choices for more complex networks.

High Performance - The hardware specifications of the GB-2500 provide both flexibility and high performance. Flexible configuration options allow the GB-2500 to handle networks with multiple Internet security zones. The GB-2500's powerful and fast processor easily handles networks with heavy demands of data and email traffic and can easily accommodate more complex Internet connectivity environments without compromising the performance of your network security.

Remote Access VPN - Industry standard IPSec virtual private networking is featured within GB-OS for both site-to-site installations and mobile workers. Integrated within GB-OS and included as a part of a total UTM package with the GB-2500 Firewall UTM Appliance, GTA's remote access options provides for safe and secure remote networking. The GB-2500's size and speed allows organizations to fully support a large mobile workforce requiring network access from laptops, iPads, iPhones or Android-powered devices. GTA's remote access options include the GTA Mobile IPSec Client, SSL Client, SSL Browser, PPTP, and L2TP methods. Easy to configure and implement, these features provide the flexibility, performance and reliability needed in today's fast-paced mobile world.

Dynamic Gateway Architecture The GB-2500 includes GTA's unique Dynamic Gateway Architecture offering Multi-WAN failover, load sharing, policy based traffic management, and dynamic routing options. Routing capabilities include static routing along with routing based on policy, source, protocol or ports. Gateway failover includes support for six multiple Internet connections over multiple physical interfaces or virtual gateways over a single interface. Load balancing provides bandwidth management and assures maximum efficiency of Internet service. These flexible gateway failover and routing features provide business continuity by assuring network up-time.

Unified Threat Management - Organizations are protected against unauthorized access by a robust intrusion prevention system that comes standard with the GB-2500. Attempts to penetrate the network perimeter's security through the firewall are logged and alarms are generated based on comprehensive rule sets established by the firewall administrator. GTA's Mail Proxy Anti-Virus feature and commercial-grade Mail Anti-Spam subscription option supplement the standard threat management features for an additional level of security to your perimeter's network defenses. GTA partners with best of breed market leaders to provide anti-virus and anti-spam filtering features.

Network Address Translation - Stateful packet inspection and application firewall techniques combine with a powerful address translation mechanism to provide complete transparent network access to external and DMZ networks for IP-based applications.

All Appliances Also Provide
• User Authentication
• Stealth Mode
• Object/Policy-based Filters
• Dynamic Gateway Architecture
• Load Balancing
• Virtual hosting via IP aliasing
• VLAN support
• DHCP client/server
• DNS/Dynamic DNS
• Traffic Shaping (bandwidth limiting)
• Mail Proxy
• Interface Bridging
• Alarm Coalescing
• LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directory Single Sign-on Support
• GTA syslog for firewall logs in WELF format
• Remote management via user interfaces:
  Web, Console or Windows-based GB-Commander
• Easy set-up and installation
Optional Features

Mail Proxy Anti-Spam - The Anti-Spam option allows organizations to add spam control to the email proxy running on GB-OS based devices. (Subscription based option).

Mail Proxy Anti-Virus - The Anti-Virus feature allows organizations to add SMTP based virus control to the the email proxy running on GB-OS based devices. Included feature with a valid GTA support contract.

Web Content Filtering - GTA's Web Filtering service allows organizations to increase productivity while reducing liability of access to unproductive or inappropriate web sites. (Subscription based option).

GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client - Add additional GTA Mobile VPN Clients. Available in single client or multi-user packs.

GTA SSL Client - Add additional GTA SSL VPN Mobile Clients. Available in single client or multi-user packs.

H2A (High Availability) - H2A provides your organization with firewall redundancy, assuring that firewall downtime does not mean network access downtime.


Your purchase of a GTA Firewall includes 60 days of software updates and 30 days of up-and-running support available through GTA's technical support staff in North America, and internationally through an authorized GTA channel partner.

GTA support programs provide remote assistance with on-going maintenance of your GTA firewall products and software. GTA offers a variety of support options. Contact your local authorized GTA channel partner or ask GTA's helpful sales staff to match support offerings to your organization's needs. Remote or on-site technical support may also be available through your authorized GTA reseller.

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