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GTA and Calendra Sign Reseller Agreement
Company to Sell GNAT Box in France

Marseille, France -- Calendra, the French systems integration firm in this southern French city, is the latest to join Global Technology Associates' growing world-wide network of companies selling the affordable GNAT Box Firewall System.

The growth in France for Internet access has brought with it an increasing awareness of the threat to network security. Now with the cost-effective GNAT Box available, network security is affordable for even the smallest French companies. The minimal hardware requirements and unlimited user license means even those organizations on a tight budget can afford to have firewall protection.

GTA officials are confident that the GNAT Box is well-positioned to take advantage of the French demand for quality, cost-effective network security products. Their optimism appears to be well-founded; even before the ink was dry on the reseller agreement, Calendra had signed up its first GNAT Box client. Says Calendra's chief technical representative Brice Michel, "I hope it will be the first of a long list."

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