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GNAT Box Firewall Software Now Available in Italy
GTA Signs Italian Distributor

Bologna, Italy (July 1, 1997) -- Italian network company Team2-Copyleft s.r.l. and Global Technology Associates, Inc. are most pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement for the GNAT Box software.

The Italian market is likely to prove fruitful for the cost-effective GNAT Box, according to Team2 CEO Gianfranco Calamai, "because we have many customers eager for security." Those companies and organizations in search of a proven network security solution, but concerned about price will find GNAT Box the perfect answer. Its low cost and minimal hardware requirements mean that little capital investment is needed. Now with the NCSA-certified GNAT Box firewall Italian companies can have complete network security at a fraction of the cost of traditional firewalls.

GNAT Box utilizes GTA's field-tested network transparency technology to protect an internal network from external threats while allowing internal users easy access to the Internet. By relying on stateful packet inspection, the GNAT Box prevents any attempt to gain unauthorized access by keeping tracking information on all packets passing through the firewall. Only returning packets that have been registered by the GNAT Box are allowed into the internal network.

The signing of Team2 comes just ahead of the release of Version 2.0, which contains major upgrades and enhancements.

About Team2-Copy Left

Team2 is a creature of the Internet, with strong roots in the scientific and technical community and offers a wide variety of networking services and products. As one of the few Italian software houses, Team2 is committed to promoting the effective flow of information and global communication. The strong nucleus of Team 2 is an interdisciplinary team that understands research, technical considerations, and are experts in communications and marketing.

Contact Team2-Copyleft by telephone at 051-525098 or email, or on the web

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