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GTA Announces GNAT Box 2.0
New Version of GNAT Box Adds Powerful Features

Orlando, Florida (August 22, 1997) -- Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), the developer of computer network security systems, announces the release of GNAT Box 2.0, an enhanced and updated version of its simple, powerful, and affordable firewall software.

Based on GTA's proven firewall technology, GNAT Box 2.0, is the result of the company's pioneering effort to distill its technology into a low-cost, high performance, effective security solution. Designed to provide cost-effective Internet and intranet security, GNAT Box 2.0 enables organizations to use their existing Intel hardware to create a dedicated state-of-the-art firewall. The entire runtime systems resides on, and boots off a single 3.5" floppy disk; no hard disk is needed. The system runs on as little as 8Mb of RAM and can be configured with either two or three network interfaces.

For all its smallness, GNAT Box 2.0 is a sophisticated and vigorous firewall that is certified by the National Computer Security Association. It utilizes GTA's network address translation (NAT) facility, field-tested network transparency technology, and stateful packet inspection engine to give users seamless secure access to the Internet or corporate intranet while keeping intruders out.

New in GNAT Box 2.0 are increased capabilities for customization and greater flexibility. Network administrators can now easily configure the system to reflect their own corporate security requirements using user definable filters. Support for a point-to-point (PPP) interface has been added for those organizations wishing to utilize either asynchronous modems or ISDN TAs for network connectivity. Network interface card support also has been enhanced and expanded to increase the options available to end-users.

Other GNAT Box 2.0 features include:

New quick start configuration.
Built in support for:
NTT's AudioLink and SoftwareVision
iChat Pager
RSTP applications.

Enhanced console and web browser interfaces.
Static IP address mapping.
Increased ICMP support.
Expanded logging capabilities.

GNAT Box 2.0 is sold directly by GTA and through its worldwide distributor and reseller network. GTA affiliates are located in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Korea, India, Australia and South Africa. GTA is a privately held US corporation with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, USA. For more information on GNAT Box 2.0, contact GTA at +1.407.380.0220, email, or on the web

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Global Technology Associates, Inc. is the developer and supplier of IP network security systems that protect an organization's computing resources both on the Internet and internal intranets. GTA's products for IP network security include the GFX Internet Firewall System and GNAT Box firewall software. GTA has distributors located in Japan, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Korea, Australia, South Africa . GTA's customers include those in the banking and insurance industry, healthcare, education, scientific research and ISPs worldwide. GTA is a privately held US corporation founded in 1992 with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Contact GTA at +1.407.380.0220 , email, or on the web

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