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GTA Releases Free Limited Version of its Firewall Software
GNAT Box Light Now Available

ORLANDO, Florida (April 7, 1998) -- Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), the developer of computer network security systems, announces the release of a free limited version of its popular simple, powerful, and affordable firewall software.
Called GNAT Box Light, the firewall software is a scaled down version of GTA's standard product. The number of hosts and connections are limited, but GNAT Box Light will permit users to run a small network or test bed utilizing all the features of GNAT Box. The software can be downloaded free of charge via the GNAT Box website.

Like the fully certified version, GNAT Box Light is easy to use, needs only one valid IP address, and has built-in support for many of today's popular nonstandard TCP/IP applications such as RealAudio/Video, Cu-SeeMe, and Net2Phone. Users easily can connect to the Internet from their home or small office via LAN, cable modem, asynchronous modem or ISDN connection. The entire runtime system, including the self-contained operating system, resides on and boots off a single 3.5" floppy disk and requires only a 386 or better CPU with 8Mb RAM to work. A full range of network interface cards are supported, including the inexpensive NE2000 compatibles.

The motivation behind the release of GNAT Box Light is to increase public awareness of the software and its capabilities; "once people try GNAT Box they tend to be awed by its power and cost-effectiveness," says a company spokesman.

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