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RoBoX Firewall Appliance Now Expandable to 50 Concurrent Users
New option expands the range of the RoBoX Firewall

Orlando, FL - Feb. 3, 2003- Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA,) a worldwide leader in cost-effective network security solutions, today announced the availability of a 25-user to 50-user license upgrade option for the RoBoX Firewall Appliance. This option expands the maximum number of concurrent users from 25 concurrent users to 50 concurrent users.

GTA introduced the RoBoX Firewall Appliance in October 2001. Since it’s introduction, the RoBoX Firewall Appliance has quickly become a favorite with remote offices and branch offices that desire a full-featured firewall appliance. With the introduction of the 25-user to 50-user license upgrade, the RoBoX increases its price/performance lead over other small firewall appliances.

“By counting only concurrent users and not IP address of printers and other devices on the network, the RoBoX already offered an excellent price to performance ratio,” said Nita Seng, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This upgrade to 50 concurrent users allows the RoBoX to expand with the needs of remote and branch offices as they grow beyond 25 users.”

Other RoBoX options include user license upgrades, GNAT Box Mobile VPN clients, Surf Sentinel content filtering and support offerings.

RoBoX products are available direct from GTA and authorized channel partners in North America, and from authorized channel partners internationally. For more information or to locate an authorized channel partner near you, visit

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