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GTA Announces GNAT Box System Software Patch Release 3.3.3
GTA updates system software

Orlando, FL – April 1, 2003 - GTA released GNAT Box System Software ver 3.3 patch level 3 (ver 3.3.3) on April 1, 2003. This patch release contains minor functionality enhancements and addresses several issues that have been identified since the release of ver 3.3.2.

Effective with the release of GNAT Box System Software ver 3.3.3, GTA will be upgrading Surf Sentinel to operate under Cerberian’s Web Filter 2.0 engine. This upgrade will provide Surf Sentinel subscribers enhanced performance for content filtering and Internet access management.

GNAT Box System Software ver. 3.3 patch level 3 will be available for download through the GTA on-line support center on April 1, 2003 and will shipped preinstalled on new products by April 4, 2003. Customers whose firewalls are currently registered through GTA's on-line support center and have version 3.3.x or a current support contract, may download the latest update at no charge. Other customers must purchase either a single version upgrade or support contract to upgrade to version 3.3.3.

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