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GTA Launches Web Filtering Subscription Services Powered by SurfControl’s Content Portal Authority
Leader in cost-effective network security solutions integrates SurfControl’s content filtering technology to launch a new Web Filtering Subscription Service for SMEs

Congleton, UK - September 15, 2004 - SurfControl (London:SRF), the world leader in enterprise Web and e-mail filtering, today announced its Content Portal Authority (CPA) technology has been integrated into Global Technology Associates (GTA) Surf Sentinel 2.0 content filtering product, enabling GTA to launch a new Web filtering subscription service specifically targeted at the SME market.

The SurfControl CPA allows GTA to provide its GNAT Box OS and firewall appliances’ customers with an out-sourced Web filtering solution that’s centrally managed and often only available in products designed for the large enterprise.

Mr. Paul Emerson, President of GTA said: “Content control and Web filtering is now on every business’s agenda. SurfControl offers a higher quality product with regard to content and reliability. Especially important were its extensive offering of foreign language sites, as GTA Internet firewall products form the foundation of perimeter security for customers around the globe.

"The technology was easily integrated within the existing small memory footprint. The result is a powerful, flexible service that will enable users to meet their business objectives, while providing us with an added value service in an increasingly competitive market."

SurfControl’s technology enhances the Surf Sentinel 2.0 Web filter, eliminating the need for a network administrator to manage a URL database or interact with the server, while creating a powerful filtering solution.

The key to the success of the new Surf Sentinel 2.0 content filtering service is that the SurfControl CPA optimises website access in a way that is unique to each customer by storing a local list of URLs that the customer accesses on a regular basis. This reduces the need to continually send queries to the server for the same URL request. As a result, the SurfControl CPA client programme fits into less than 1MB and the URL cache size may be configured to suit individual requirements.

Nick Outteridge, Director OEM Technology Partnerships at SurfControl, said: “The agreement with GTA reflects the growing demand for powerful Web filtering services within the SME market. The SurfControl Content Portal Authority has been developed to offer an easily integrated, easy to manage Web filtering tool.

“With increasing demand for powerful Internet management services, GTA is leading the way in providing a precision filtering solution to its customers. With maximum performance and a minimum take-up of memory, GTA’s new service is a key indicator of the success and ease of integration of the SurfControl CPA.”

SurfControl’s content database is the most comprehensive database of its kind available in today’s market and provides complete coverage of the Web’s most trafficked sites. It provides access to the most accurate and relevant database of URLs, classified by risk category (e.g. sexually explicit, racist, hacker etc.) and contains in excess of 6.9 million site entries, representing over 1.2 billion pages from 200 countries in 65 languages, with 35,000 new sites being added per week.


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