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Current Version: 6.2.03

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Product Details

GTA's Anti-Spam option offers customizable spam blocking for GTA's firewall email proxy. Simply utilize the email proxy on your GTA firewall for your SMTP email, and activate the Anti-Spam subscription - no software to download and install.

The Anti-Spam greylisting settings offer enhanced email filtering before the email reaches the email server. Greylisting is designed to protect users from spammers that use fire and forget email applications, which are created to send spam messages, but never attempt to retry delivery if the first attempt fails. Greylisting significantly reduces the number of emails which are scanned by spam rules, so email processing is more efficient. With a two pronged attack on email, spam is virtually eliminated while legitimate email is efficiently processed and received at the users inbox.

GTA's Anti-Spam option uses technology that reviews each message in fractions of seconds by a spam identification engine utilizing more multiple algorithms and rules to identify spam with a high accuracy rate while preventing false positives. Mechanisms used include text and header analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases to calculate one final spam probability score. The Anti-Spam subscription option automatically check for rules updates to ensure the accurate weighting against the most up-to-date rules for formulation of the spam probability score.

SpamScore rankings range from 0-100 and are utilized by the Anti-Spam subscription to rank emails as spam (confirmed) or probable (suspect). Firewall administrators can establish thresholds based on SpamScore for confirmed and probable spam to fine tune the control of the spam filtering to match corporate needs. Once Anti-Spam thresholds have been established, administrators may choose to accept, reject, tag or quarantine confirmed or suspected spam emails.

When used in conjunction with the Mail Proxy's basic features, a corporation can virtually eliminate spam emails delivered via the firewall email proxy.

Option Availability

ProductStandardOptionalNot Available
GB-2500 Optional Feature 
GB-2100 Optional Feature 
GB-850 Optional Feature 
GB-820 Optional Feature 
GB-300 Optional Feature 
GB-250e (Rev B)  Optional Feature
GB-250 (Rev B)  Optional Feature
GB-Ware Optional Feature 

Key Features:

Detects and blocks spam emails in real time
Customize black lists and white lists by email name, domain or IP address
Real-time Blackhole List (RBL)
Delete, tag or quarantine emails based on your spam category criteria
False positives minimized through SpamScore technology
Automatic anti-spam rule updates
Logging & Reporting
Database rules updates scheduled every 15 minutes
Available for all GTA Firewalls running GB-OS version 5.2 or higher.

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