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  Title: GNAT Box Release Notes 
Product: GNAT Box System Version 3.1.1
   Date: September 2000

GNAT Box Runtime System Bug Fixes
1.  PPP takes 2 minutes to start if DNS not configured.
    Always generate ICMP unreachable port messages for UDP connections
    to unopen port if using loopback interface.  Corrected, always 
    generate TCP reset for TCP connections to unopen port if using 
    loopback interface.
2.  "PROXY: malloc error" message being logged.
    Code for remembering WWW accesses allocating memory from wrong
    memory pool.  Corrected.

GNAT Box User Interface Bug Fixes 
1. "CONFIG IS NULL" message logged when enabling/disabling interfaces if
    using PPP.  Problem happens with console, WWW and RMC.
    Interface enable/disable failed to be set properly.  Corrected.
2.  COM1, COM3, COM4, and multi-link should not be available on GB-1000.
    Remove from user interfaces.

GBAdmin Bug Fixes
1.  Interfaces always showing up as disabled.
    Missing check for interface state.  Corrected.
2.  If connection times out. 
3.  Making RMC connections to old versions of GNAT Box corrupts network
    information.  Ignore current interface information (DHCP IP addresses) 
    if from older version.  Corrected.
4.  Under certain conditions the field for the IP address in the Network
    information grid was to small and did not scroll.
    Corrected. Widened the field so that the Address is always visible 
    and editable.
5.  When editing an Address Object the wrong object was brought into the dialog.
    The wrong index was being calculated for the Address Object.  Corrected.
6.  When DHCP host is disabled you could still add and remove. Exclusion ranges.
    Blocked enabling the "Add" and "Delete" buttons for the exclusion ranges 
    if the host is disabled or DHCP Server is disabled.
7.  COM1, COM3, COM4, and multi-link should not be available on GB-1000.
    Suppress if configuring a GB-1000.

GNAT Box Kernel Enhancements
1.  Improved support for H323 (MS Netmeeting).
GNAT Box User Interface  Enhancements
1.  Make "view log messages" show log message in reverse chronological order.
2.  Add traditional and simplified Chinese language support to WWW interface.

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