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Title:    GNAT Box Utilities Release Notes 
Product:  Utilities for GTA Products and Software
Date:     24 May 2004 


These notes cover the latest release of GTA's GNAT Box Utilities. Release
notes for versions previous to 7 May 2004 can be found in GNAT Box System
Software Release Notes, found at GTA's website, www.gta.com.

These notes include items for both DBmanager 1.1.0 and 1.1.1.


The version numbers of the included products are:

     GBAuth (Windows only)         3.5.2
     GBAuth (Java)                 1.0.1                          
     GTAsyslog                     1.1.0
     DBmanager                     1.1.1
     LogView                       1.0.0


Release Notes include following enhancements, modification and bug fix

1.   GTASYSLOG (Windows Only)

2.   DBMANAGER (Windows Only)

3.   GBAUTH (Windows & Java)



1.  GTASYSLOG (Windows Only)
1.1 Enhancements 

     1.   Support for MS SQL Server added to GTAsyslog and GTA Reporting
          Suite. SY1101186
1.2 Modifications

     1.   Firewalls are now identified by serial number instead of IP
          address. SY1101562
1.3 Bug Fixes

     1.   Unlicensed firewall error messages no longer trigger event logs.
     2.   All data is now being written when using a PostgreSQL database.
2.  DBMANAGER (Windows Only)
2.1 Enhancements

     1.   Created new facade for DBmanager. DB110897
     2.   Added "Unlock" feature to DBmanager to allow another syslog or
          GB-Commander server to connect and write to the database. DB110118
     3.   Add ability to convert 1.0.x databases to new 1.1.0 format.
     4.   DBmanager administrative functions now require a password when used
          with GB-Commander. DB1101664
2.2 Modifications

     1.   Backup and Restore status count moved to progress bar. DB1101586
     2.   Damaged databases can now be repaired or recreated. DB110887
     3.   DBManager will only import log entries for currently licensed
          firewalls. DB1102043
     4.   Simplified default paths for saving backups. DB1101300
     5.   GTAsyslog is no longer required for GB-Commander; menu item is
          removed from DBmanager. DB1101411
2.3 Bug Fixes
     1.   Backup and Restore now warns the user if a file is locked by another
          application. DB1102008
     2.   "Done" button is disabled while log data is being imported.
     3.   Activation Code function now works correctly on multibyte OS's. 
     4.   DBmanager can now overwrite previously saved incremental backup.

     5.   Progress meter now resets after cancelling a purge or backup action.
     6.   DBManager no longer sends the error message "GTA Firewall DSN does
          not exist" on closing the Activation Code window. 
     7.   DBmanager now notifies services about license changes so that users
          do not have to restart service. DB1101673

     8.   Full and Incremental Backups now read and write to their respective
          path keys in the registry. DB1101779
     9.   Filename is now correctly set when using the "browse..." function to
          back up data. DB1101707
     10.  DBmanager using an MSDE database can now execute the Repair,
          Reinitialize and Unlock functions. DB1112128

3.  GBAUTH (Windows & Java)
3.1 Enhancements

     1.    Added a new user interface for GBAuth, Windows version. AU3521441
3.2 Modifications
3.3 Bug Fixes


4.1 Enhancements      
4.2 Modifications
4.3 Bug Fixes



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