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                         GB-OS FIREWALL SOFTWARE
                            VERSION 5.0.5
                            RELEASE NOTES

Author:     Global Technology Associates, Inc.
Product:    GB-OS version 5.0.5
Date:       26 March 2008

GB-OS version 5.0.5 includes updated versions of the following GTA
products and utilities:

    GB-OS                       5.0.5
    GBAuth                      1.2.0

Release notes are located on the installation CD and on GTA's Web site.

For more about upgrading related software, see individual product
release notes.

Release Notes sections are categorized first by feature addressed, then
by the type of change.







    1.1 Corrupt Names and Descriptions
       GB-OS 5.0 uses the UTF-8 character set, wherein the past previous
       versions of GB-OS allowed administrators to select the character
       set according to their locale. Before upgrading to GB-OS 5.0, it is
       necessary to match your Web browser's character set with the
       character set used by GB-OS.  In GB-OS 3.x, the default character
       set is selected at Basic Configuration>Preferences.  In GB-OS
       4.0, the default character set is selected at

    1.2 Entering New Activation Codes
        If upgrading from 4.0.5 or below, new activation codes must be
        entered. GB-OS version 5.0.5 is available at no charge to
        customers with a GTA support contract or annual maintenance
        agreement. Other users should contact their local GTA channel
        partner or email sales@gta.com for information and pricing of
        upgrade options.
    1.3 Upgrading From GB-OS 3.4.0 Through GB-0S 4.0.2
        If upgrading from GB-OS 3.4 through GB-OS 4.0.2, it is necessary
        to first upgrade to an interim version of GB-OS before
        installing GB-OS 5.0.  For upgrade instructions, refer to
        Reference D in the GB-OS User's Guide.

    1.4 Upgrading Hard Drive GB-Ware Installations from 3.4.x to 5.0.5

        When upgrading a hard drive GB-Ware firewall from version 3.4.x 
        to 5.0.5:

            1.  Back up the firewall configuration.
            2.  Reinstall the firewall software completely from the CD.
            3.  Restore the configuration.

        The GB-Ware CD image (ISO-9660) is available for download from 
        GTA's Online Support Center 
        (https://www.gta.com/support/center/login/). Failure to reinstall
        from the CD may cause hard drive geometry errors that prevent the 
    1.5 Upgrade Notes   
      1.5.1 Error Messages Upon Initial Reboot
            Upon rebooting after successful installation, the GTA
            Firewall UTM Appliance may display errors when accessed
            using the Web interface.  This is expected, these errors are
            generated because the browser's cache is trying to access
            files and locations that no longer apply. Click OK to any
            displayed errors and refresh the browser window to access
            GB-OS 5.0. If the error messages persist, clear your
            browser's cache.

      1.5.2 Default Login and Password Changes
            Firewall administrators who have never changed their default
            login and password in the Admin Accounts section of GB-OS
            3.x will find that their default account's login information
            will no longer work with GB-OS 5.0.  After the firewall
            administrator has upgraded to GB-OS 5.0, their login and
            password will both default to "fwadmin".
      1.5.3 GB-250 Upgrade Notice
            GB-250 Firewall UTM Appliances may reboot multiple times,
            and may install GB-OS 5.0 on both memory slices during the
            upgrade process.  It is important that administrators DO NOT
            shut down their firewall when upgrading to GB-OS 5.0.  If
            GB-OS 5.0 is installed on both memory slices, it will not be
            possible to revert back to the previously installed version
            of GB-OS.
      1.5.4 GB Commander 1.1 No Longer Supported

            GTA Firewall UTM Appliances operating GB-OS 5.0 do not support 
            GB Commander 1.1. As such, GB Commander 1.1 administrators will 
            no longer be able to monitor firewalls that have been upgraded 
            to GB-OS 5.0.

            GTA recommends administrators of GTA Firewall UTM Systems 
            monitored by GB Commander 1.1 upgrade to GB Commander 2.0. 
            View registered products in the GTA Online Support Center 
            for more information on upgrading from GB Commander 1.1 to 
            GB Commander 2.0.

      1.5.5 VPN Object Names
            Previously defined VPN objects will have the GB-OS version
            number appended to their name after the GTA Firewall UTM System has
            been upgraded to version 5.0.  For example, a VPN object
            with a name of IKE in GB-OS 3.7.0 will be named IKE_370
            after the upgrade.
      1.5.6 Service Group Object Modifications
            The built-in DNS Zone service group object has been merged
            with the DNS Lookups service group object.  Therefore,
            configurations that reference the now defunct DNS Zone
            service group object will need to be updated to reference
            the DNS Lookups service group object.    
    1.6 Platform Independent Web Interface
        GB-OS 5.0 includes a platform independent Web interface which
        provides an improved workflow, user-friendly design with
        enhanced features such as offline configuration and verification
        using GB-OS 5.0's Test Mode. GBAdmin is not supported in
        GB-OS 4.0 and above.

    1.7 SSL Certificate Replacement

        GB-OS version 5.0 will install a new default security/SSL
        certificate. Some browsers, including Netscape and Mozilla,
        will not recognize the new certificate if the original has
        never been replaced. If you are unable to log on to the
        firewall after upgrading, delete the browser's cached security
        certificate, then close and restart your browser before
        reattempting remote access to your firewall.

2.  SYSTEM   
    2.1 Modifications
        2.1.1	GBAuth version 1.2.0 is now available.
        2.1.2   Improved Web display for localized versions when using IE.
        2.1.3   Enhanced Japanese localization.
        2.1.4   Improved function of older Via Rhine network interface cards.
        2.1.5   Display of Summary pages has been improved.
    2.2 Bug Fixes

        2.2.1   XML with multi-byte configurations now imports properly.
        2.2.2   Disabled VLAN interfaces now display properly.
        2.2.3   NAT is now applied properly to VLAN interfaces.
        2.2.4   VPN Keep Alives now properly determine source addresses with 
                VLAN interfaces.
        2.2.5   Time selection now applies a full day time range properly.
        2.2.6   PPP interfaces now properly appear in the Statistics screen.
        2.2.7   TCP packets are now properly verified.
    3.1 Modifications
        3.1.1   Surf Sentinel debug messages are no longer logged.
    3.2 Bug Fixes
        3.2.1   Mail Sentinel automatic policies can now be disabled properly.
        3.2.2   Services now function properly when using binding VLAN 

    4.1     Previous Release Notes
            These notes cover the 5.0.5 release of GB-OS. Release notes 
            for previous versions can be found at GTA's Web site, 

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