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Title:	GNAT Box Firewall System Release Notes
Product: 	GNAT Box System Software Version 3.2.4
Date: 	06 February 2002


Release Notes History

These release notes cover the latest incremental release of GNAT
Box, version 3.2.4. 


!  RoBoX configuration options have been modified through the 
!  addition of two new feature codes: a VPN activation code and 
!  a user license feature code. Feature codes are accessible 
!  through the on-line support center. 
!  Existing RoBoX owners will need to enter these codes when they 
!  update their system software in order to maintain VPN 
!  functionality and their 25-user license.

!  RoBoX users with existing mobile VPN clients will only need 
!  the 25-user license code. They will not have to update their 
!  current VPN activation code to maintain VPN functionality.


Release Notes include the following sections:

1. System Software
	 1.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 1.2 Bug Fixes

2. Services
	 2.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 2.2 Bug Fixes

3. User Interfaces - All Interfaces
	 3.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 3.2 Bug Fixes

4. GBAdmin User Interface
	 4.1 1 Enhancements and Changes
	 4.2 Bug Fixes

5. Console User Interface
	 5.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 5.2 Bug Fixes

6. Web Browser Interface
	 6.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 6.2 Bug Fixes

7. Verification
	 7.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 7.2 Bug Fixes

8. Syslogger
	 8.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 8.2 Bug Fixes

9. Installers
	 9.1 Enhancements and Changes
	 9.2 Bug Fixes

10. GBReports
	10.1 Enhancements and Changes
	10.2 Bug Fixes


1.  System Software
1.1 Enhancements and Changes


1.2 Bug Fixes

  1.	Inbound FTP tunnels sometimes fail when accessed from a 
	client using non-passive mode. Direction for virtual crack 
	associated with PORT command was changed correctly in version 
	3.2.3. However, the adjustment for length changes was 
	changing the sequence instead of the acknowledge portion 
	of the TCP header.

	Resolution: Adjustment for length changes was corrected to
	change the acknowledge portion of the TCP header.

2.  Services
2.1 Enhancements and Changes


2.2 Bug Fixes

  1.	Configuring HA with HA disabled causes the configuration to  
	reset to non-HA state when saving.
	Resolution: Only reset to non-HA state if HA was previously 

  2. 	When doing state transition, HA always attempted to set the
	default route. This caused a problem with dynamic protocols 
	such as PPPoE and DHCP. 

	Resolution: If no default route is specified, HA does not 
	reset when doing HA state transition. 

3. User Interfaces - All Interfaces
3.1 Enhancements and Changes


3.2 Bug Fixes

  1.	Saving an IP host address as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ 
	becomes xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32. Saving IP host address 
	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32 becomes xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. 

	Resolution: Make IP host address 
	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ become IP host address 
	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx when saving. 

4. GBAdmin User Interface
4.1 Enhancements and Changes


4.2 Bug Fixes

  1.	When merging a configuration into an online config, the NIC 
	names in the Interfaces get overwritten with "???".  

	Resolution: When online and merging in a config, check the 
	NIC name in the interface for a match in the NICs. If a 
	match is found, then leave the NIC name in the Interface. 
	Otherwise, change the NIC name to "???".  

  2. 	Problem: After performing a merge to a system online, you 
	could no longer save just a section; so, if you wanted to 
	copy over only a specific section, such as DNS services, you 
	would have to enter the information by hand. 

	Resolution: When merging while online, an internal status 
	flag determines whether you are using a network 
	configuration. When merging while online, the Net flag is 

  3. 	Problem: In the DNS Server, when adding a subnet, the new 
	entry was always inserted under the first subnet, which is 
	at the top of the list.

	Resolution: Changed to insert the new subnet at the end of 
	the list to match other sections and interfaces.  







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