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Software Upgrade Procedures

Upgrade a GTA Product

GTA releases new version of our firewall operation system - GB-OS to provide our customers with new features and/or address identified issues. GTA recommends always running the most current GB-OS version available for your firewall to ensure the highest level of security.

To determine the most current version available for your firewall, check your firewall information in the GTA On-Line Support Center. If you have not yet registered your product, please complete the product registration.

If your product is eligible for an upgrade, you may download the runtime through the GTA On-Line Support Center. For detailed information on upgrading your GTA Firewall, please review the documents below.

Important Notices

If you are upgrading a GTA Firewall to GB-OS 4.0 from either GB-0S version 3.4.x or 3.5.x, it is first necessary to upgrade to GB-OS version 3.7.x, prior to upgrading to GB-OS 4.0.

Firewalls must be on GB-OS version 5.2.0 or higher to properly upgrade to GB-OS 5.3.0 -6.0.X. Firewalls must be on v6.0.X to update to v6.1.0 or later. See the Upgrade Guide for more information.

GB-250 Rev B Systems
Some GB-250 Rev B firewalls require a BIOS Update before updating to GB-OS 5.3.0 or higher. If the BIOS version is not v0.99h or higher, the BIOS may need to be updated. Please read the BIOS Update Information page if you are updating a GB-250 Rev B system.

GB-250 Rev A Systems
GB-250 Revision A firewalls are not supported in GB-OS version 6.1.0 and above. To determine if your GB-250 firewall is Rev A or Rev B: GB-250 Rev A firewalls do not have USB ports, while GB-250 Rev B firewalls do have USB ports. GB-250 Rev B serial numbers are 65002101 and above, and 65902101 and above.

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