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GTA Customer Comments

"The amount of security provided per dollar spent. I’ve seen lab test results showing GNAT Box firewalls outperforming firewalls costing 2-4 times the price!"

"Price/Performance is the best feature of GTA firewalls."

"Ease of configuration, user interfaces, performance…and best of all, it does what it is supposed to do, and is not temperamental!"


"The product is fine and does exactly what it should do: behave as a firewall. Security is priority #1."

"Easy to configure."

"Very flexible – limited only by your imagination."

"Excellent technical support and blistering performance. "

"… good market value"

"After selling your products for 3 or 4 years, I have NO unhappy clients."

"Very reliable."

"Cost/benefit ratio– TCO is unmatched."

"Solid Product Design – A.K.A., it works!"

"..the products are excellent and have matured well over the years."

"… very sophisticated for a “High value” price."

"...these products just keep running - they are bullet-proof."

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