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Upgrade Offer for GB-Pro and GB-Flash Products

GTA encourages all GB-Pro and GB-Flash customers to upgrade to GB-Ware. Upgrading will allow GB-Pro and GB-Flash users to take advantage of future enhancements in GB-OS System Software. GB-Pro and GB-Flash are not supported in GB-OS System Software versions above 3.4.x.

Customers who have purchased GB-Pro or GB-Flash (including GB-Pro to GB-Flash upgrade), may purchase a GB-Ware upgrade subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. GB-Pro or GB-Flash product must be registered in GTA's Online Support Center.

  2. End user may purchase a GB-Ware upgrade, consisting of CD (software and electronic documentation), through GTA or authorized GTA channel partner. Applicable shipping charges will be added at time of order. International customers are responsible for all applicable duties and taxes if any.

  3. IMPORTANT: GB-Ware requires installation either on an IDE/SATA HDD or a GTA certified 1GB Compact Flash card installed as the primary IDE boot device. Contact GTA or your local authorized GTA channel partner regarding purchase of a GTA certified 1GB compact flash card.

  4. Customers should carefully follow instructions provided with the GB-Ware upgrade package, in order to activate and install the GB-Ware product.

  5. IMPORTANT: GB-Ware requires transfer of the parallel port key block from the original GB-Pro or GB-Flash product, in order to run. Customer agrees to discontinue use of the original GB-Pro or GB-Flash product.

  6. Once the GB-Ware upgrade is activated, the upgraded GB-Pro or GB-Flash product will be deactivated and removed from the Online Support Center.

  7. Customer may choose to purchase the following optional products with their GB-Ware upgrade:

    1. GB-Ware CF installation kit (GTA Certified 1GB CF card with IDE adapter board)

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