End of Life Statement

Product: GB-Flash


Global Technology Associates is announcing end of life for GB-Flash Firewall. Sales of GB-Flash Firewall will be discontinued as of February 28, 2004. The GB-Flash Appliance will be supported in GNAT Box System Software version 3.4.x until June 30, 2005.


Last sales date February 28, 2004
Last date of sale for support contracts February 28, 2004
Last date of sale for subscription options March 30, 2004
Last date of sale for non-subscription options March 30, 2005
Last supported software version GNAT Box System Software ver 3.4.x
Last date product supported June 30, 2005

Part Numbers Covered by this EOL Announcement

Product Number Description
FSF201-9999-00000 GB-Flash Firewall
FUPF01-9999-00000 GB-Flash CF Upgrade from GB-Pro Software
ESM000-0000-00S20 GB-Flash Multi-Interface Option
MUV100-0001-00S20 GB-Flash Single Version Upgrade (All Markets)
MUM000-9999-00S20 GB-Flash Annual Maintenance (International)
MCS100-0000-12S20 GB-Flash Standard Support (US & Canada only)
MCS200-0000-12S20 GB-Flash Premium Support (US & Canada only)
MCS300-0000-12S20 GB-Flash Premium Plus Support (US & Canada only)
MCS400-0000-12S20 GB-Flash Premium 24/7 Support (US & Canada only)

Current GB-Flash Users

System administrators are advised that GB-Flash Firewall will not be supported in GNAT Box System Software version higher than version 3.4.x. GB-Flash Firewall should not be updated to GNAT Box System Software versions higher than version 3.4.x, but should be maintained on version 3.4.x or earlier.

For customers with a valid support contract GTA will continue to offer technical support through the end of the contract period.

GTA will offer an upgrade program for owners of GB-Flash Firewall who wish to upgrade to GTA’s new GB-Ware Firewall Software products. Details of the upgrade program are available at www.gta.com.

Discontinuance of GB-Flash FAQ

  1. Why has GTA decided to discontinue supporting the GB-Flash in future versions of GNAT Box System Software?
  1. Several planned enhancements to GTA's GNAT Box System Software take advantage of hardware and other technological advances which are not incorporated into the GB-Flash. Therefore, it is no longer viable for GTA to continue to support the GB-Flash in future version of our GNAT Box System Software.
  1. Will GTA be offering products comparable to the GB-Flash?
  1. Yes, GTA has introduced the GB-Ware Firewall Software with offer enhanced features and performance.
  1. Will the GB-Flash continue to operate after the announced end of support date?
  1. Yes, a GB-Flash running GNAT Box System Software version 3.4.x or earlier will continue to operate as always. Customers who wish to continue operating their GB-Flash should not update beyond version 3.4.x, as these software versions will not recognize the GB-Pro.
  1. How does this announcement affect customers with GB-Flash support contracts?
  1. GTA will honor valid GB-Flash support contracts through the term of the contract. However, customers who operate GB-Flash Firewalls should not upgrade their systems beyond GNAT Box System Software version 3.4.
  1. Are there any avenues for technical support for GB-Flash owners after June 30, 2005?
  1. GTA will continue to provide support for the GB-Flash through one-time support incidents. Support information may be available from a wide variety of resources including GTA’s website, and the GNAT Box User’s Group are two examples. Localized support from GTA’s channel partners may also be available.
  1. Will GTA be offering a refund for the updates included in GB-Flash support contracts?
  1. No refunds will be issued.
  1. What migration path is GTA offering to GB-Flash customers?
  1. GTA will announce an upgrade program for current GB-Flash customers. Details will be made available at www.gta.com.