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GTA and INFIMA Sign Distribution Contract
Revolutionary Firewall Software to be Distributed in Eastern Europe

Orlando, Florida -- Global Technology Associates, Inc. and INFIMA s.r.o. announced today that the companies have signed a distribution agreement to provide GTA's GNAT Box firewall software to customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Central European countries. The terms of the distribution agreement between GTA and INFIMA s.r.o. were not disclosed.

GTA's GNAT Box firewall software is a simple, powerful and affordable self-contained IP network security solution that runs on Intel PC platforms. GNAT Box software provides firewall capabilities, network address translation (NAT), and transparent network access for TCP/IP based applications. The hardware requirements are not demanding; a 386 CPU or better, 8Mb RAM, a 3.5" floppy disk drive and two network cards. "GNAT Box is efficient and compact, the entire system's runtime image is loaded into memory from the boot floppy disk; no hard disk is used or required," said Paul Emerson, president of GTA.

GNAT Box is the first truly affordable firewall solution. It brings the power and many of the capabilities found in firewalls costing ten times as much to users who had little or no affordable alternatives in the past. The system is simple to use with a choice of an easy to use console interface or a graphical web browser based interface for remote management. GNAT Box is provided with an unlimited user license and can support up to 16,000 concurrent network sessions.

" I think our teaming with INFIMA is ideal, as the Eastern European market is hungry for Internet connectivity and affordable solutions. INFIMA has proven that it can deliver the desired products to this marketplace," said Paul Emerson. GNAT Box will be available directly from INFIMA and its network of resellers. Information about GNAT Box can be found at and the offering of GNAT Box from INFIMA can be found at

About INFIMA s.r.o.

INFIMA resells, publishes and distributes a selection of advanced communication hardware and software products for business and personal use. INFIMA also provides system integration services and operates one of the largest BBS services in the Czech Republic with over 20,000 subscribers. INFIMA's customers include Microsoft Czech Republic, ICL, Digital, AT&T Business Communication Systems, IBM, IDG, Olivetti, Citibank, Czech National Bank, Komercni Banka, Sony Czech s.r.o and Agfa Czech. INFIMA s.r.o. is located in Prague, Czech Republic and was founded in 1992 by Dr. Tomas Svoboda. Since January 1996 INFIMA has been a limited stockholding corporation (s.r.o.). Contact INFIMA by telephone +422 3115858, fax +422 3115820 , email or on the web

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc. is the developer and supplier of IP network security systems that protect an organization's computing resources both on the Internet and internal intranets. GTA's products for IP network security include the GFX Internet Firewall System and GNAT Box firewall software. GTA has distributors located in Japan, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Korea, Australia, South Africa . GTA's customers include those in the banking and insurance industry, healthcare, education, scientific research and ISPs worldwide. GTA is a privately held US corporation founded in 1992 with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Contact GTA at +1.407.380.0220 , email, or on the web

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