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GTA Continues to Smash Price/Performance Barriers
GNAT Box Version 3.1.3 System Software Offers the Market True Value Without Compromise

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - March 6, 2001 - Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), a worldwide leader in cost-effective network security solutions, today announced the release of the latest version of its GNAT Box Firewall system software for it's entire line of firewalls, including the GB-100, GB-Flash and GB-1000 Firewall/VPN appliance solutions.   The new version 3.1.3 release brings many new enhancements to the system software, which was first introduced in 1996.  The release includes network time synchronization, expanded gigabit Ethernet support, a routing fail-over gateway selector, mobile VPN client support, improved VPN interoperability and a high availability option.

"Since when did marketing secure your network?" was the question that was raised a little over 12 months ago at GTA.  Since that time the concerted effort to stay true to the ethos of high value without security compromise has resulted in this latest release.  Paul Emerson, President of GTA said "We've been focused on engineering since the inception of our first firewall back in 1994.  The results of throwing big bucks at marketing without a substantive product can clearly be seen in the demise of so many Internet companies in the last year."

"Strong engineering, with a keen ear on what the marketplace is demanding has driven GTA firmly into the security big league.  Companies come and companies go with promises of product fulfillment, but few strive for, or ever reach, what the customer is actually asking for", said GTA's Channel Manager Nick Squire.  "GTA knows that customer satisfaction breeds customer loyalty, and this is evident in results.  That is one of the major driving forces in the development of the GNAT Box family of solutions." Squire added.

With the acceptance of VPN technologies and the ever-growing need for remote tele-workers to be able to access the corporate network whilst on the move, support for mobile VPN users was a big concern.  To address this issue GTA licensed SafeNet, Inc.'s mobile VPN client technology and introduced integrated support for mobile users in version 3.1.3.  In a continued effort to address the needs of the SME market segment a high availability option was developed for the GB-1000 firewall/VPN appliance.  The high availability feature allows two GB-1000 systems to seamlessly operate as a single virtual system, with one system taking control if the primary system fails.

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc., is a world leader in cost-effective network security solutions; its products include firewall/VPN appliances and firewall/VPN system software.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the privately held company has since 1994 been the developer of firewalls that lead the market in price/performance.  GTA has international distribution partners in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania.


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