December 3, 2002 ICSA Labs Release

ICSA Labs' Firewall 4.0 Certification Criteria is the First-Ever Customized Program to Test Products Against the Unique Security Needs of Three Distinct User Groups Eleven Firewall Products Meet the Security Industry's Most Rigorous and Customized Testing Criteria

Mechanicsburg, PA - December 3, 2002 - ICSA Labs®, an independent division of TruSecure Corporation®, today announced that it has created the first testing and certification criteria that address the unique performance needs of three distinct segments of firewall products. Eleven firewall products have been tested to ensure they meet the industry's most stringent and market-customized criteria for product certification.

Over the last several years, the number of small-to-medium business (SMB) and residential users of networking technology has exploded. This growth, coupled with a mainstream focus on security, has created new target markets for firewall vendors. However, the needs of these different groups of users vary markedly from that of large enterprises, translating into new performance and functionality requirements.

"The risk associated with opening corporate networks to authorized users world wide is a very real business problem for all sizes of companies today," said Mike Wittig, chief technology officer at CyberGuard. "ICSA certification speaks volumes to our customers and partners, particularly in the financial community, providing proof positive that our solutions meet the highest of security standards."

ICSA Labs Firewall 4.0 Certification Criteria is the first program in the industry to test and certify products against the unique needs of these distinct segments. Firewall product vendors can now submit products for testing and certification in the corporate, SMB or residential product categories. Each product is then tested against two sets of standards, the Baseline Firewall Module and the Required Services Security Profile (RSSP) Module. Every product submitted, regardless of category, must meet the minimum standards in the Baseline Module. Each product is then tested against the selected RSSP for the product category.

"ICSA Labs' goal has always been to improve the security performance of products delivered to the marketplace through the building of vendor consortia and the strict testing and certification of products," said Brian Monkman, firewall program manager at ICSA Labs. "The new Firewall 4.0 Certification Criteria has allowed us to incorporate more vendors into the program, ensuring that end users will have a wider selection of products that meet ICSA's high security and functionality standards. It also allows us to ensure that certified products are meeting the unique performance needs of each end user."

The following companies have achieved ICSA Labs Corporate Firewall 4.0 Certification:

CyberGuard Corp Firewall Appliance Product Group. (AMEX: CFW)
Novell, Inc.- BorderManager Firewall (Nasdaq: NOVL)
NetScreen Technologies NetScreen Firewall Family (Nasdaq: NSCN)
Intoto - iGateway; Cisco Corporation PIX Firewall Family (Nasdaq: CSCO);
Global Technology Associates GTA Family of Firewalls
Check Point Firewall-1 NG on Linux (Nasdaq: CHKP)
Nortel Networks Alteon Switched Firewall (NYSE: NT)
FortiNet, Inc FortiGate Family

"NetScreen is proud to be among the first firewall vendors to demonstrate compliance with the increasingly stringent ICSA Firewall Criteria version 4.0," said Gregory Lebovitz, security architect for NetScreen Technologies. "Third-party certifications promote standards for quality. Together, ICSA and its vendor consortium are driving the development of superior firewalling products and increasing customer confidence in their functionality and reliability."

RIAS Corporation - GreatSpeed GS-1540G with the Ashley Laurent Firewall; and Jungo Ltd. - OpenRG Firewall have achieved ICSA Labs Residential Firewall 4.0 Certification. At this time, no vendors have met the ICSA Labs SMB Firewall 4.0 Certification Criteria.

More information regarding the ICSA Labs Certification as well as vendor product, version and build numbers can be found on the ICSA Labs Web site at: within the week.

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