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GTA Introduces Firewall Control Center
GB-Commander Management Software Forms Foundation for GTA Firewall Control Center

Orlando, FL - February 11, 2004 - Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), a worldwide leader in cost-effective network security solutions, today announced the introduction of GTA's Firewall Control Center. The Firewall Control Center is composed of a group of GTA firewall management products allowing network administrators to easily manage all GTA firewalls on a distributed network. Current products included in the Firewall Control Center product line-up include GB-Commander and GTA Reporting Suite. Both products were introduced in late 2003. GTA renamed its firewall management software, "GB-Commander", to better reflect its current and future functionality within the Firewall Control Center group of products.

GB-Commander forms the core of GTA's Firewall Control Center, allowing GTA firewall administrators one point access to monitor and administer all their GTA firewall products. GB-Commander allows secure, real-time monitoring of firewall status from a single graphical user interface. GB-Commander utilizes the GNAT Box System Software's GBAdmin user interface to administer individual firewalls through an easy-to-use and secure connection. GB-Commander version 1.0.1 is currently available for GTA firewall customers running GNAT Box System Software version 3.3.x or higher.

GTA Reporting Suite, available as a stand-alone product or included with GB-Commander, offers a comprehensive set of reports and charts for GTA firewall log data. GTA Reporting Suite is an easy-to-use Windows-based tool to generate on-demand top-level summary reports and charts of information contained in GTA Firewall logs. Network administrators can quickly and easily gain valuable insights into network utilization by importing GTA Firewall logging information. On-demand summary views allow administrators to utilize the valuable data contained in your GTA Firewall logs with GTA Reporting Suite.

Effective with the release of GNAT Box System Software version 3.4.2, GTA has revised all references to our firewall management software to GB-Commander.

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