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GTA Announces New Software Firewall Product
GB-Ware Firewall Software added to GTA's Firewall Product Line

Orlando, FL - March 17, 2004 - Global Technology Associates, Inc., (GTA), a worldwide leader in cost effective network security solutions, today announced its next generation software firewall product – GB-Ware. GB-Ware takes advantage of technological advances in hardware and security as it expands upon the foundation of GB-Pro, GTA's original floppy-based firewall product. Powered by GTA's ICSA 4.0 Corporate certified GNAT Box System Software version 3.5, GB-Ware is backed by GTA’s more than 10 years of successful firewall experience.

GB-Ware is offered in two standard configurations - a ten-user license for remote and small offices, and an unrestricted user license for large networking implementations. Customers install GB-Ware on Intel-compatible hardware, with their choice of supported network components, to design a firewall configuration that will meet their needs. GB-Ware installs on any available IDE component installed as a boot device in the target system. Supported IDE devices range from hard drives to Compact Flash devices. By upgrading user licenses and adding options such as content filtering, hardware VPN acceleration and support for up to 20 network interface cards, GB-Ware can expand to meet the firewall requirements of most networks.

"The GB-Ware firewall offers all our customers the ability to design their own firewall hardware," said Paul Emerson, President of Global Technology Associates. "From customers who wish to repurpose older hardware systems to VARs who wish to design a Gigabit firewall with hardware VPN acceleration, GB-Ware can meet their specific needs."

GB-Ware standard features include IPSec VPN, Gigabit Ethernet support, content filtering, and a DHCP server. Hardware VPN acceleration, Surf Sentinel 2.0 content filtering and a multi-interface option for support of up to 20 network interface cards are built-in features which can be accessible immediately after purchasing a feature activation code.

GTA customers who own either GB-Pro or GB-Flash systems may purchase an upgrade to GB-Ware. Customers who purchased GB-Pro or GB-Flash firewall software on or after December 15, 2003 are eligible to trade-in their GB-Pro or GB-Flash for GB-Ware.

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc., is a world leader in cost-effective network security solutions; its products include firewall/VPN appliances and firewall/VPN system software.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the privately held company has since 1994 been the developer of firewalls that lead the market in price/performance.  GTA has international distribution partners in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania.


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