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GTA's Anti-Virus feature is the first line of defense against virus attacks. Activating the Anti-Virus option through GTA firewall's email proxy for SMTP email means real-time scanning for viruses and other malware is done at the perimeter before they reach your network. By employing highly effective and respected open source virus definition lists, Anti-Virus users receive the most complete and inclusive virus and malware protection available.

When using the Anti-Virus feature, each email message is quickly scanned and its contents reviewed against a growing database of over 200,000 open source and proprietary virus definitions that includes malware definitions for classic viruses, network worms, trojan programs, DoS and hacking tools, flooders and virus writing tools. Even unknown viruses are detected and prevented using proactive virus detection mechanisms, providing sought after zero-day protection. If a virus is detected by the Anti-Virus, the contents will be disinfected when possible.

GTA's Anti-Virus feature provides flexible implementation to match network bandwidth and corporate security policies. Network administrators can customize how emails are handled with choices to accept, reject, tag or quarantine emails with known viruses. Email containing viruses can be tagged for easy recognition by the end users, who can then choose to filter tagged messages using email rules. To optimize performance, email and attachment size limits can also be established.

The Anti-Virus feature automatically receives periodic updates of virus definitions to ensure effective and accurate virus protection. As new virus definitions are discovered, your GTA Firewall UTM Appliance is updated to provide the best possible protection against email based virus attacks.

Option Availability

ProductStandardOptionalNot Available
GB-250e (Rev B)  
GB-250 (Rev B)  

Key Features:

Detects and eliminates computer viruses in real time
Scans incoming attachments for viruses
Tag, quarantine or delete emails identified as containing virus
Database rules updates scheduled every 15 minutes
Customizable parameters for handling emails with recognized viruses
Automatic update of virus signatures
Open source and proprietary virus definitions

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