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GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client for Mobile and Remote Virtual Private Networks

GTA Mobile IPSecClient provides the vital ability for remote users to initiate VPN communications with corporate resources. Using VPNs, "road warriors" or telecommuters can safely access corporate networks from unsecured public networks or un-trusted local networks. A VPN Connection can also be used to connect end users that need a secure "end user to host" connection to transmit sensitive information over an intranet. GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client used in conjunction with firewall-to-firewall gateway VPN Connection provides a total IPSec VPN solution. GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client meets IPSec standards.

GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client includes these features:
  • Importing VPN configuration files from a GTA UTM Firewall
  • Support for NAT-T
  • Support for Dead Peer Detection
  • Support for Hybrid + AUTH, Pre-shared Secret, RSA and RSA + XAUTH authentication methods
  • Provides remote VPN capabilitiy to desktop and notebook computers running Microsoft Windows, OS X, or Linux.

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